What We Do

Create New Beginnings Value Relationships Change People's Lives
Make Good On Our Mistakes Donate to Our Community
Enhance Our Skills Hustle Expect Creativity
Obsess Over Details Translate Decisions Into Actions


Doodie, Mascot


Mascot (AKA Head Honcho)

Borko Milosev, Principal Partner

Borko Milosev



Barb Molchan



Sandra Baxter Human Relations

Sandra Baxter

Human Relations

Meet Our Team 1

Afton Wister

Senior Manager of Accounting Operations

Meet Our Team 2

Jennifer Yavanovich

Personal Assistant

Property Managers

Meet Our Team 3

Enmanuel Castillo

Regional Manager

Meet Our Team 4

Tina Burns

Property Manager (Pine Hill Village)

Meet Our Team 5

Alyssa Chrush

Senior Property Manager
(Easton Area)

Meet Our Team 6

Jonathan Draper

Property Manager
(Lehigh Valley Area)

Meet Our Team 7

Cassi Goodrich

Property Manager
(Westlink Village Apartments)

Meet Our Team 8

Kara Smith

Leasing Agent
(Westlink Village Apartments)

Meet Our Team 9

Dianne Lizzio

Property Manager
(Berks County)

Meet Our Team 10

Helen Muniz

Property Manager (Whittier Place)


Meet Our Team 11

Veronica Muniz

Property Manager
(Rock Street Gardens)

Meet Our Team 12

Hadi Rabih

Property Manager
(Berks County Area)

Meet Our Team 13

Jessica Seager

(Red Oaks Acres)

Meet Our Team 14

Shante Thompson

Property Manager
(Red Oak Acres)

Meet Our Team 15

Jennifer Tramontana

Property Manager
(Mulberry Station)

Meet Our Team 16

Alyssa Wagner

Property Manager (Berks County Area)

Project Managers & Maintenance

Meet Our Team 17

Stuart Dorsey

Project Manager

Meet Our Team 18

Matija Kurek

Senior Project Manager

Meet Our Team 19

Adam Sharkan

Maintenance Supervisor

Meet Our Team 20

Robert “Joe” Walsh

Project Manager

Image Placeholder

Scott Miller

Project Manager